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【Sports】Jumping Touch tool with counting

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Material: ABS plastic


  • Uses: Children's indoor game props, cultivate children's interest in high jump, help exercise high jump, and promote the growth of body height.(Requires 1 AA battery- not included)
  • A variety of training modes, intelligent counting, stimulate interest in challenges, exercise, and help grow taller.
  • Easy to install: The soft glue is easy to stick to the wall, does not hurt the wall, can be washed and used repeatedly, and it is stable and does not shake.
  • Touch Sensing: Lightweight aluminum iron, comfortable to press, touch sensitive, sensitive counting, sturdy and durable. As the child grows taller, the position of the height touch device can be adjusted at any time.
  • Suitable for a variety of walls, suitable for smooth surfaces such as wooden doors, glass doors, putty walls, tile walls, etc.

Size Chart:

  • Counter width: 8.5x9.5cm/3.35x3.74inch
  • Pole length: 95cm/37.40inch
  • Height touch device part: 10x14cm/3.94x5.51inch