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Pull Rope Snail Walking Toy with Music & Light

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  • Material: abs
  • Size: about 9x25x12cm
  • Music with light: We have added music and light to the design of this toy. The main purpose is to attract the children's attention greatly through pleasant music and soft lighting effects, and exercise their concentration while entertaining turn on the music switch, the process of movement accompanied by lights and music to attract the baby's attention, prompting the baby aca-learning language.
  • Automatic snail machine: This product can follow the children's walk. Its speed changes with the pace of the tractor. This funny pet toy is enough to completely attract children. This is a great children's toy that can immerse the child in the world of the friend of new partners and free up parents' time.
  • Simulation Snail Toy: Simulate the creeping process to restore the walking habits of the snail, and the triangular mechanics design prevents rollover. This toy features the built-in button cell, once you pull the snail, and tires of the toy will emit colorful lights to attract the attention of your child.
  • Scientific Design of The Structure: super anthropomorphic snailing process, the use of non-slip tires designed to prevent the process of dragging overturned, feel the process of sliding experience