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【Toys】New Power Balloon Aerodynamic Cars - Gifts for kids Children

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Production description

Looking for a unique toy that delivers hours of play while stimulating your child's imagination and development?

With the different accessories (cars and launch tower), the toy has 2 play modes: car mode and launch tower mode. In car mode, it powers the car move forward on the ground; in launch tower mode, it sends the rocket or spaceman into the air.

Racer Mode

Car Mode: it pushes the car moves forward on the ground after the balloon gets inflated

Way To Play:

  • Open the roof of the car, connect the balloon to the air outlet of the inflator.
  • Fix the car in the air outlet of the inflator.
  • Get the balloon inflated by pressing the rod continuously.
  • Press the start button on the inflator, then the car will move forward.

Launcher Mode

Launch Tower Mode: it sends the spaceman into the air.

Way To Play:

  • Connect the launch tower to the pump.
  • Fix the balloon in the air outlet of the rockets or sapceman.
  • Get the balloon inflated by pressing the rod continuously.P
  • ress the start button, then the rocket or spaceman will fly into the air.

What's In

  • 1 x Pump
  • 1 x Racer car
  • 1 x Launch Tower
  • 1 x Spaceman
  • 6 x Balloon